Video based on existing information

If you already have some kind of information about your company or product that you wish to promote woith a presentation video, then a big part of the job is already done. We can create the final production based on some existing information like a brochure, product sheet, business presentation or a catalogue.


DescriptionOriginal brochure
The finished production

In this case the whole video is based on a company presentation brochure. We also made the script for a voice over that has been recorded by professional voice producers. The voice over is here added together with a background music to create a better viewer experiance. Click on the first image to view the brochure in a pdf. The second image is the finished video production.

klinger brochure klinger video

Images and footage

If you not already have good images or footage there is a possibility to buy suitable images and video clips from other web portals. That is of course an additional cost in the production and variates from time to time depending on how many images and/or video clips are needed.

Voice over

In case of a need for a professional voice over we can order that as well. We have the channels to get a very professional voice that can be recorded with any script wanted.

Price starts from only 25,000 Baht